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Property investments in Karachi

Property investments in Karachi Pakistan

It is of no doubt if we say that the Real estate has an immediate Relationship with the security or law and order situation. Investors always go for the places where law and order condition, in particular, is stable, overseas Pakistani’s has always played an integral part in the property sector in Pakistan but the question is who is going to make sure the security of their assets or make it sure that they don’t get deceived. Although in recent years Construction sector has shown great improvement especially in Karachi.Many mega projects have been launched and completed. Being the economic hub of Pakistan, Karachi has always paid its part in real estate agency.

Pakistan having the important location has always been the centre of attraction for the investors outside Pakistan. Upon asking much overseas Pakistani have shown immense interest in investing in Pakistan, only concern they have is an unstable policy of government and worst law and order situation. In recent years, Karachi real estate market has seen a major increase in prices of property. The investors are investing in big number. Many big projects are being run by big companies. For example Bahria Town Karachi, DHA city Karachi and Emaar Pakistan.

asdasdPeople come from all over Pakistan to Karachi, seeking jobs and business, they obviously need the accommodation.This has also increased the business of real estate in Karachi. Although the infrastructure is not up to the mark but still the city of lights is making room for more than 20 million people with an open heart. The city has two sides to present; one consists of tall buildings with crowded streets and markets with ever running traffic. The other side has bungalows, parks, and wide roads.

The city, which is spread over 3,527 km², has many mega projects like Bahria town Karachi, DHA city Karachi and Emaar Pakistan are making it the best place to invest.

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