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EMAAR Crescent Bay Karachi Progress Update

Meets New Administrator of DHA Karachi Pakistan

Emaar Pakistan presents ‘Crescent Bay‘, which will Redefine Karachi’s Skyline. Emaar legacy advances to Cresent Bay Karachi, imparting the highest standards of luxury, quality and state of the art construction. Crescent Bay is set to become Pakistan’s most desirable lifestyle.

Discover luxury living on a new level with Crescent Bay, a masterpiece that delivers quality of life on a par with the very best. Designed for people that have grown to appreciate the finer things in life, Crescent Bay will offer a vibrant community atmosphere with a safe and wholesome ambience.

Arranged along three bays, Crescent Bay combines breathtaking natural beauty with a blend of traditional styling and contemporary urban chic. Crescent Bay sets a new benchmark for the city’s elite to live, work, play and shop and is sure to become the most desirable and talked about address in Karachi. Shouldn’t you consider moving up in the world?

Here is the Crescent Bay Karachi progress update

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